Basic S4F information

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Developing new functions can be a long and expensive task, and that is why Service Plus IT is proud to offer you a finished fiscal solution which is already being used by Peek & Cloppenburg, Metro, Deichmann, New Yorker Croatia, C&A, Takko, OBI, Gavrilovic, NTL, and others.

Service Plus IT has created a printer driver which, apart from printing functions, also features fiscal functions. The cash register software sends a receipt to the printer, without having any knowledge or notion of fiscalization. The fiscal printer driver, after receiving the receipt data, contacts the Tax Administration, and prints the ZKI and JIR numbers on the receipt.
It should be noted that the responsibility of ensuring that a receipt is fiscalized cannot be placed upon the employees working on business premises. It can easily happen that a receipt is sent to a customer, containing a ZKI and missing a JIR number. On the other hand, the Tax Administration keeps track of all receipts, and they can easily determine that there is a missing receipt in the sequence and send an inspection or a fine to the fiscalization subject after a period of 48 hours.

It is legally mandated that all changes regarding business hours or any other information regarding business premises be reported to the Tax Administration, which is another obligation which must be kept track of. That is why the Service Plus solution is comprised of two parts - the receipt fiscalization part at the cash register, and the back office part. S4F Back Office is designed to control all cash registers and all transactions from a central point, and take care of subsequent authorization; it is used to send all business premises and business hours data to the Tax Administration, which is the piece of information that is changed most often of all. The usage of a central point to manage fiscal processes ensures maximum control over everything that happens on the business premises.
At the moment, there are over 800 cash registers in Croatia using the S4F fiscal driver, and we believe that this is the guarantee of a successful product.