Next important step of the fiscalization – expected in August

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As we already wrote in May, the Slovenian Government had accepted the law proposal on the new obligation which introduces mandatory use of fiscal cash registers in Slovenia, as of the beginning of 2016. The next step in the process of preparation for the law implementation is publishing technical documentation, what is expected in August, 2015.

This documentation will actually be the foundation for IT implementation, and it describes the processes and data which must be used. Technical documentation explains the way of communication between Server of Fiscal Authority and taxpayers. Data exchange will be done by web service and XML messages. This precise way of exchanging data is independent of neither Fiscal Authority’s nor taxpayers’ used technology. It is actually unified, what makes communication simple and always possible.

The Slovenian law officially named “The law regarding electronic receipt verification at paying for goods and services in cash“, pursues control over business operations and their turnover on order to fight against grey economy and decrease tax evasion. This law is very similar to the Croatian one, which has already made great results. According to the plans of the Slovenian authorities, the use of fiscal cash registers will be compulsory for all business subjects, except state bodies and institutions, local authorities and other bodies governed by public law, supply of goods on board of an aircraft in flight and in the sale of services through vending machines.