English version of the Slovenian Fiscal law is going to be available soon!

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It is expected for legal documents to be found in a local language. Of course, there will be no difference in the case of the new Slovenian Fiscal Law that is going to be announced in the Slovenian language.


Bearing in mind that the Fiscal law’s main purpose is to regulate business operations in the country this seems more than understandable. Nevertheless, for international companies operating, or intend to start operating, in the country this causes some challenges. The main reason can be found in the fact that IT companies - providers of the software solutions used by those international companies, usually come from the U.S., Germany, or some other non-Slovenian speaking countries. In addition to, the implementation of the new Fiscal law has to be done exactly by this IT companies. It is easy to understand how Slovenian language makes this request hard for them.


In order to face this challenges and help the IT companies to overcome all difficulties, we have decided to create an English version of the Fiscal law. As soon as technical documentation is published, we will translate the document into English.

If you are interested in the English version of the new Slovenian Fiscal law please be free to contact us.