Fiscal cash registers are introduced in Slovenia by the beginning of 2016

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LJUBLJANA - Slovenian Government has accepted in Thursday law proposal, which prescribes introduction of fiscal cash registers from 2nd of January 2016. It is expected, due to strict control of cash transactions, increase of 70 million Euro per year of VAT income.

The law regarding electronic receipt verification at paying for goods and services in cash, which is the official law name, is becoming valid from beginning of the next year. All the receipts will be electronically transmitted over the Internet to Financial authorities, before issuing to the customer - stated Mateja Vraničar, state secretary at Ministry of finance, on the press conference.

Two year transition period is foreseen only in exceptional situations, such as areas with no Internet connection or very low number of receipts issuing subjects.

Despite numerous small businesses and artisans requests, Government has decided not to subvention purchase of electronic cash registers, with software enabling fiscalization. This caused Chamber of commerce to protest, because of their attitude that the state, which is expecting increase in VAT income, should take over the expenses of purchase and maintenance of fiscal cash registers, instead of tax payers themselves.