The results after the first quarter since the introduction of fiscal cash registers

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First results after introducting fiscal cash registers are officially announced by Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Slovenia.

According to the report, introduction of certified cash registers has positive effect, which reflects on the increase of the declared turnovers as well as in the increase of the VAT collected.


Fiscal receipt lottery game has started in Slovenia

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With the new fiscal law which was introduced in Slovenia in January 2016, Financial Administration announced new fiscal lottery game in order to encourage consumers to get the fiscal receipts.

For those who want to participate in this lottery game it is necessary to collect at least 10 different receipts and to send them to Slovenian Financial Administration.

This lottery game started in January and will last until 31st December 2016.


Second version of the Technical documentation saw the light of day

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After the first version of the technical documentation referring to the new Slovenian Fiscal Law had been published on August 5th, the second one was announced on August 14th.


This second version had been slightly modified in order to provide more detailed information needed during the process of the new Fiscal law implementation.

The final version of this document is expected on September 1st and it has to define steps retailers need to undertake to adapt cash register and office software to the new legal changes.


First version of Technical documentation has been published

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As we had already announced, technical documentation referring to the new Slovenian Fiscal Law which will enter into force as of January 2016, has been published. The documentation describes all necessary steps and data that need to be used by all business subjects during the process of the law implementation. This is why publishing of the documentation makes the first step towards.


Published technical documentation is actually only the first version of the document, available for making modifications as of August 31th. The day after, on September 1st, final and official version of the technical documentation is going to be announced. Right after the date, IT companies will have all what it takes to start development of the fiscal software.


What can Slovenia expect from the new Fiscal Law?

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While expecting the introduction of fiscal cash registers to become mandatory for all business subjects in Slovenia as of January 2016, we are analyzing results of similar Fiscal Laws in the region. At the early beginning of 2013, Croatia had adopted a Fiscal Law, which has actually been mostly prescribed by Slovenia. The core of both the Croatian and Slovenian Fiscal Law is online authorization of every transaction created at POS system.

After a year of the Fiscal Law introduction, Croatian officials stated that only in the first half of 2013, the country had noticed €1.73 billion of revenue growth. In the same year, bar and restaurant owners reported a 31.43% increase in turnover, compared to the previous year. Over the same period, the retail industry posted a 13% of increase. After the law had been adopted, Croatian Tax Administration launched a national campaign called „Bez računa se ne računa“(„It doesn’t count without the receipt“). The campaign had been lasting over the entire year, with the idea of informing the Croatian citizens about the importance of taking the receipt after each payment.

Knowing the Slovenian Fiscal law is very similar to the Croatian one, it is expected for Slovenian economy also to notice an increasing growth, even in the first half of 2016.