The results after the first quarter since the introduction of fiscal cash registers

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First results after introducting fiscal cash registers are officially announced by Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Slovenia.

According to the report, introduction of certified cash registers has positive effect, which reflects on the increase of the declared turnovers as well as in the increase of the VAT collected.

The entire turnover of the taxpayers using cash registers from February to April 2016 was € 5.4 billion, compared to the same period of the last year increased by € 293.3 million (5.7 percent).

In the same period taxpayers paid € 758.8 million VAT, which is € 33.6 million (4.6 percent) more than in the same period of 2015.

Taxpayers who are using cash registers and who have submitted a VAT return in the present periods have proved € 299.9 million net payments of VAT, what is € 19.8 million (7.1 percent) more than persons who have submitted the accounts in 2015.

It is interesting that taxpayers in the catering industry marked an increase of 20.7% in VAT collection more than in the same period last year. The positive effects from the use of the certified cash registers could be also seen in the increasing number of employees in the same period.

Up to day 13.5.2016, 54,035 taxpayers have been issued with over 72,522 digital certificates and 46,527 taxpayers are already using their digital certificates for issuing receipts. Up to the same date more than 346 million transactions were registered by the central server of the department of revenue.

The Government of the Republic of Slovenia predicted a budget of € 75 million of additional revenue from the effects of the introduction of fiscal cash registers.